2. Quantify the quality - time to be concrete

Quantify the Quality – Time to be concrete!

4. What actual job needs to be done? Try to get a concrete description of the problem. What actual job is needed to be made by the product or innovation?

5. What is the wished result? Try to get a description of this too, what is the long term improvement to be reached? Are they looking to save money/ keep the amount of staff low or decrease frustration at the work place? 

6. Avoid general terms. General wordings like ”Better” Faster” may mean different things to different people. Follow these comments up, make them describe it in deep. 

7. Elaborate on specific technical terms – do they mean what you think they do to the feed backer? 

8. What does your innovation remind the feed backer of? Can they name products or innovations that is already on the market, solving the same thing? Remember to ask why they use, or don´t use, these products? It could be the business model that is wrong, not the product. 

9. Avoid stopping at a lookalike suggestion (they suggest functions/products that totally is the same as a competitors) It is not constructive to know only what others have made a success. Users might have difficulty seeing future visions they have not seen before, it is you that have the potential so follow up with: 


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