How to discuss an innovation

Asking questions is hard, and so is answering them. Here the developer can find guides on how to ask the right questions about their idea, and the feedbacker can see what kind of questions they might be asked. 

The main focus here at the PEP platform is to initiate conversation between the developer and the consumer or user. What do the user actually want, which needs are the user looking to satisfy? 

By changing the focus of the conversation away from the product itself, toward the customer need, the delveloper can gain valuable insight into what kind of problems are really out there to be solved and how they relate to the product they are trying to develop.

And the user gets the opportunity to give their input on upcoming products, to develop the product into something that you will actually get the most use out of.

With developer expertise and user experience, the possibilities are endless!

Get started with the first step of the commuication guide here.