This idea will hopefully help you solve a common problem

Example innovation : A new way to solve a problem

About the idea

Introduce the new and innovative product and its aim. Maybe it is to help solve a common problem many face every day, or a brand new innovation to generate a whole new interest. By inviting feedbackers to give input and thoughts on it, the idea can develop into the best version it can be.

It could also be an idea for development of an existing product, in this situation the feedbackers can provide essential inormation and experience to guide the development in the right direction.


The Problem

The problem can be big or small, general or specific. The aim is to let the feedbackers know what the core value of the product will be.

The solution

The solution doesn't have to be concrete here.  Instead of describing the intricate details of how the product works, the idea is to describe the value of the solution the product will provide. The feedbacker will then get a view of the intended purpose of the product, something the user easier can give their input on. 

You are the product expert, they are the experience experts!

For whom?

Who is this product for? demographics like age or occupation is common, but there are many more! Maybe the product need to reach people who too often forget their keys in the car, or people who never know what to cook.

Our business model

Describe the business to give the feedbackers and users an idea of who the providers of this product is. What is the vision and purpose of the company providing this great new product?

Want to give two minutes to this idea?

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