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MealDoc: The Dietitian in Your Pocket

The Problem

You want body of your dreams, but you still want to eat pizza.

  • Our modern food environment makes it hard to eat tasty foods in moderation.
  • 1 in 5 deaths is the result of an unhealthy diet.
  • 4 of 5 people in the US will be overweight next year.
  • This means more diabetes, cancer and heart disease in the world: preventable diseases!
  • The planet also suffers from our overconsumption of animal products.

The solution

MealDoc creates an adaptable meal plan and makes eating health easy by attacking known psychological barriers to healthy choices; time, money, mental effort, physical effort, social norms and routines.

  • Mental effort: The app always has a suggestion ready for what to eat next; both for cooking and snacking. Grocery lists and cooking instructions are all seamlessly integrated.
  • Time, money and physical effort: Discounted groceries and meals ordered straight to your door. 
  • Routine use: smart push notifications and user-generated recipes fell the experience fresh.
  • Social norms: Share and edit photos of cooked meals on the apps news feed and your other social media.

With a USDA/NFA-based food database, the app makes sure you get the right amount of calories, protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals to reach your goals

You can't mess up! If you use MealDoc, takes your deviation into consideration, and rewards you for reporting them. It simply makes it impossible to fail with your diet!


For whom?

Ideal End-User Archetypes:

  • 25 to 40 years old, overweight, presumably female, working with a busy lifestyle.
    • Has tried dieting multiple times before and failed, not seeing desired results.
    • Likes to socialize, is creative, and is active on social media.
    • Lives with someone who also wants to change their lifestyle habits.
    • Doesn’t want to weight food and track calories.
  • 30-50 year-old overweight office working male
    • Has diabetes in his family
    • Loves apps
    • Doctor tells him he needs to lose weight, but he just loves beer and pizza too much.
    • Wants an easy solution without having to count calories.
    • Too lazy to plan meals and usually ends up buying microwave pizza.
    • Has a social network of friends and colleagues who he appreciates socializing with.
  • Skinny guy 18-25 years old.
    • Wants to build muscle, but struggles to eat enough.
    • Works out at gyms regularly.
    • Wants to gain muscle without gaining fat.
    • Likes to party and be social with his friends.
    • Active on social media, wants to gain status/approval from his peers.
  • Sustainable development “hipster”
    • Wants to go vegan and save the planet.
    • Active in animal rights/environmental protection groups
    • Wears second-hand clothes.
    • Highly creative, wants to share his/her vegan recipes.

Partner Collaborations

  • Grocery stores: enable users to place grocery orders delivered straight to their doors.
    • Pay fixed fee, with incentive of guaranteed customers.
  • Restaurants: users can add "eating out" meals to their meal plan, and book a table through the app.
    • Pay fixed fee, enter their menu into the app
  • "White label" solution: for third-party access to user-generated recipe database and meal suggestions.
    • Coaches, dieticians, and healthcare apps. Commision-fee.
  • Healthcare sector: Will be evaluated clinically to use for weight loss.

Our business model

The Team

  • Dr. Artin Entezarjou and Dr. Omar Kaakati founded EBT (Evidence Based Training, or EBTraining Lund HB,) in 2015 to fight health misinformation on social media.
    • Artin currently finishing medical internship at Helsingborg Hospital and PhD in ehealth at Lund University.
    • Omar currently doing residency in internal medicine and endocrinology at Ängelholm Hospital. Clinical experience and knowledge about diabetes.
  • Since 2015 EBT has ammassed over 28 000 Instagram followers by sharing scientific health facts.
  • Artin and Omar also co-founded the personal training licencing school EBT Academy AB


The EBT Mission

To create products that help the masses easily apply science to improve any aspect of their life, be it optimal diet, mental well-being, sports performance, body composition or disease prevention.


The EBT Vision

A world where everyone has a fundamental understanding of science which they can apply to optimize their life and achieve personal fulfillment.


MealDoc Business Model

  • Freemium model with recipe sharing and creation and automatic meal/snack suggestions for viral growth
  • App adapted to encourage sharing recipes on social media
  • Inviting a friend gets 1 month of free premium
  • Premium enables grocery and restaurant services to save time and money
  • Monetization also through grocery stores and restauraunts. 

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